Tongue is a Void • Death in the Mouth: an Anthology of Original Horror from People of Color (forthcoming July 2022)

The Dream Eater • If There’s Anyone Left (forthcoming late 2021)

The Loneliness of Former ConstellationsStrange Horizons (August 2021) • Third Place, Dream Foundry Writing Contest (December 2020)

DisenchantmentFantasy Magazine (May 2021)

The Flock is Your BloodIf There’s Anyone Left (November 2020)


OdeStrange Horizons (August 2021)

Last Year’s Monsters • Dreams & Nightmares (May 2021)

PrincessArsenika (April 2021)

Notes from the BrideIllumen (April 2021)

cuspLiminality (March 2021)

ExecutiveAbyss & Apex (October 2020)

WolvesNot One of Us (October 2020) • reprinted in Illumen (April 2021)

This Year’s MonstersStar*Line (July 2020)

In Preparation for Re-Severance • TERSE. Journal (May 2020)

Threads of Honor and Joining the Navy • Mithila Review (September 2019)


Honor, Life, and Jade: Cultural Resonance in Fonda Lee’s Jade City • (June 2020)