Shorter Works


Requiem • Diabolical Plots (forthcoming September 2023)

Through the Glass, a Full SeaApparition Lit (April 2023)

The Will of the God of MusicFantasy Magazine (March 2023)

Study BreakOlit (December 2022)

The Flock is Your BloodIf There’s Anyone Left (November 2020) • reprinted in Flash Fiction Online (November 2022)

Yes / YESUncharted Magazine (October 2022)

Tongue is a VoidDeath in the Mouth: an Anthology of Original Horror from People of Color (October 2022)

Driving LessonsLitbreak Magazine (August 2022)

To Speak of ForeverTranslunar Travelers Lounge (August 2022)

The Dream EaterIf There’s Anyone Left (January 2022)

The Loneliness of Former ConstellationsStrange Horizons (August 2021)

DisenchantmentFantasy Magazine (May 2021)


Cyborg Sonnet #1, Cyborg Sonnet #2, and Cyborg Sonnet #3 • beestung (forthcoming February 2024)

OdeStrange Horizons (August 2021) • reprinted in The 2022 Rhysling Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry of 2021 (April 2022)

capt(ch)aJOURN-E (March 2022)

Last Year’s Monsters • Dreams & Nightmares (May 2021)

PrincessArsenika (April 2021)

Notes from the BrideIllumen (April 2021)

cuspLiminality (March 2021)

ExecutiveAbyss & Apex (October 2020)

WolvesNot One of Us (October 2020) • reprinted in Illumen (April 2021)

This Year’s MonstersStar*Line (July 2020)

In Preparation for Re-Severance • TERSE. Journal (May 2020)

Threads of Honor and Joining the Navy • Mithila Review (September 2019)


Honor, Life, and Jade: Cultural Resonance in Fonda Lee’s Jade City • (June 2020)