2020 Eligibility Post

Greetings, friends! I have published some words this year:

The Flock is Your Blood | If There’s Anyone Left (November 2020) (first fiction sale / first pro sale)

“From so far below, you can’t make out the mottle of their feathers, the choked forest of bristles where shaft must meet skin—only flight, the aching grace of bodies streamlined and borne up by nothing but wind. They are the image of—the word that comes to you is honor, the way stagelight casts a face, any face, in arrested focus, makes them worthy of being seen.”

Honor, Life, and Jade: Cultural Resonance in Fonda Lee’s Jade City | Tor.com (June 2020) (first non-fiction sale!)

Jade City cracked the lens with which I had viewed the world in the best of ways, and I am grateful for the fracture.”

Executive | Abyss & Apex (October 2020)

“You never forget the taste
of throat-blood, specifically—
your lips pressed to living warmth,
your teeth slid slow
into the lush, trembling tide.”

Wolves | Not One of Us (October 2020)

“Like calls to like, you said,
but if I was really like you
I wouldn’t have had to retract my fangs
every time we walked into a village—
wouldn’t have had to sheath my claws
and single-bank my eyes
so you alone
could perform their nightmares.”

This Year’s Monsters | Star*Line (July 2020)

“The new spines down your shoulders
are lightly fuzzed, like the antlers
of deer.”

In Preparation for Re-Severance | TERSE. Journal (May 2020)

“please fold up your longings neatly,
drawing the sleeves parallel and mirrored
against the table of the body.”

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