How Do You Write Like You’re Running Out of Time

In which Blue eats a plant down to its roots.

Lyrics after “Burn” from Hamilton and THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. (And you thought this was going to be a post about… writing. Maybe next time.)

Also, you know I’m not sorry about the title. *finger guns*



I saved every letter you wrote me

From that time on Abrogast

I knew you were mine

You said you were mine

You proved you were mine


Do you know what the Agency said

When they saw our first movements align?

Did they

start watching you run, love

did they do what it takes to survive


Meantime your words flooded my senses

Your sentences left me defenseless

You built me palaces out of paragraphs

You built cathedrals


I’m consuming this letter you wrote me

I’m reading and reaching for last words with every line

I didn’t need a sign

I knew you were mine

Oh Red how you burn



You followed your Agency’s orders

You built your last letter

with poetry sealed with my name

In crafting your words

You have ruined our lives


Do you know what the Agency said

when they saw what you’d done?

Did they

crown you a hero

for flying too close to the sun?


You and your words obsessed with longevity

Your repentances sealing my sentence

And I am perishing with every paragraph

Red, just to hear you

You, you, you


I’m writing this letter in longhand

No future historian will wonder how your iris reacted

When you broke her heart

We have torn it all apart

And I feel it burn

Red how you burn…


The Garden’s no right to my heart

The Garden’s no place in my head

I just need to know what you said

I’m reading through centuries

Consuming the letter that’s going to redeem you


You sang yourself into my heart

You’ve won with a game subtly played

Your words have devoured my days

My cardinal foxglove, it’s been quite a ride…

I’m left with the



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